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True OG strain  was bred by the team at Northern California’s Elemental Seeds in the mid-2000s. Breeders self-pollinated a high-quality OG Kush strain until they achieved a perfect blend of flavor and effects. Their efforts paid off — since 2010, True OG won multiple cannabis cup awards, including first place for Best Indica. It was also named one of the top 10 strains of the year by High Times in 2015. The pungent strain is popular among novice growers, thanks to its easy-to-manage height, pest-resistance and uncomplicated growing habits. True OG thrives in Mediterranean-syle climates and blooms indoors in 8-9 weeks, or mid-October when grown outside.


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True OG strain

True OG strain  was bred by the team at Northern California’s Elemental Seeds in the mid-2000s. Breeders self-pollinated a high-quality OG Kush strain until they achieved a perfect blend of flavor and effects. Their efforts paid off — since 2010, True OG won multiple cannabis cup awards, including first place for Best Indica. It was also named one of the top 10 strains of the year by High Times in 2015. The pungent strain is popular among novice growers, thanks to its easy-to-manage height, pest-resistance and uncomplicated growing habits. True OG thrives in Mediterranean-syle climates and blooms indoors in 8-9 weeks, or mid-October when grown outside.

This is an indica strain. This  originated in Southern California, and is very popular down there. I don’t see it very often up here in Oregon. The True OG marijuana strain is a variation of the original True OG strain , or ‘ocean grown.’ Like most indica strains, the body high from True OG is fantastic, and is great for pain relief and for help sleeping. The head high is mellow, allowing you to get some tasks done around the house, but I wouldn’t recommend starting any complex chores, because you won’t finish them.

This is a seven time Cannabis Cup winning indica created by Elemental Wellness. This hard hitting cannabis strain was originally grown in Topanga Canyon, California, then it made it’s way up north to the growers at Elemental Wellness where they dialed it in to create True OG. Along with it’s piney and fuel filled aroma,  packs a punch with a THC level of 27.6% that is sure to make even the most experienced smokers happy. This strain is recommended for those needing relief for pain, stress, anxiety and depression.

True OG is a popular indica strain that was originally discovered in Southern California, where the term “OG” originally meant “ocean grown.&Rdquo; Bred with dna from the very popular OG Kush, True OG is powerful enough for mellow, lasting effects combined accompanied by a more focused mind high. Plants have a pungent, crisp citrus and evergreen odor. True OG has snagged the 2nd place indica spot in each High Times Medical Cup since 2010.


True Og Strain Review

About True OG

The term “OG” has generated some confusion in cannabis genetics — while many assume that the letters are an abbreviation for “original gangster,” they actually signify that a strain is “ocean grown,” in forgiving Pacific climates. True OG is a strain that exemplifies the best of this Californiacultivated lineage. Developed by Elemental Seeds, the strain is bred from OG Kush stock and offers versatile and well-balanced effects. True OG’s potency has won it the title of 2nd Best Indica in the 2010 High Times Medical Cannabis Cup. Its THC levels have been measured at between 15% and 24%.

Flowers of True OG can be identified by their small, squat stature. The buds are relatively small and adhere in a tapered, pinecone-like shape, with distinctly pointed tips. The leaves curl tightly inward in the dense bud structure often associated with indicas. These leaves are a pale sea green and are beset with curly orange and brown pistils. Finally, a coat of cloudy white trichomes dots the inner and outer surfaces of the leaves, giving True OG’s flowers a white sheen when viewed from a distance.

When properly cured, flowers of True OG erupt with a rich odor of fresh pine mixed with skunk. On closer inspection, there is also an underlying dank, earthy quality. Meanwhile, grinding up these buds yields some incense-like notes, likely carried over from grandparent strain Afghani. When combusted, True OG burns with a somewhat sour, acrid smoke that can tickle the palate and sinuses and induce coughing. Nevertheless, this harsh smoke has a pleasant pine taste, accented a hint of citrus on the exhale.

True OG’s high tends to creep up slowly, sometimes taking as long as 10 minutes to show itself. Initially, smokers may detect a growing pressure around the forehead and temples. As they acclimate to this sensation, users are enveloped in a warm wash of euphoria, as any prior stresses or cares melt into the background. Some trippy effects may also be present, such as changes in depth perception or a feeling of time passing more slowly. Psychedelically-minded users can intensify these effects with atmospheric music or a moody movie. For those in a more productive mood, True OG provides also considerable stimulation for the mind, sparking the free association of thoughts and ideas. This mindset makes the strain a great accompaniment for complicated, task-based work. True OG can also be a fun accompaniment to mundane activities like cleaning the house or running errands. As the high wears on or as dosage is increased, True OG is more and more likely to weigh down the limbs and eyelids in equal measure. At this point, couchlock is a real possibility — and any previous efforts at lucid productivity tend to dissolve. In all, True OG is great for cozying up and kicking back alone at the end of a long, stressful day. Because of its gradually decreasing energy, this strain is recommended for use in the late afternoon or early evening.

True OG can also have some true utility for medical cannabis patients. Its mood-altering properties can temporarily improve the symptoms of stress, depression, and anxiety. It can also soothe physical pain, whether that pain is temporary, as due to injury, or chronic, as due to conditions like lupus or arthritis. In high enough doses, True OG can lull even insomniacs into a deep and restful sleep. Those who are prone to panic or who have a low THC tolerance should exercise caution when consuming this bud, as its initial mental stimulation has the possibility of leading to paranoia.

As True OG is Elemental’s flagship strain, they have made seeds of this bud widely available for sale online. It can be grown indoors or out, although outdoor cultivation calls for a semi-humid, Mediterranean-like climate. Plants tend to be short and bushy and can be easily accommodated indoors. True OG flowers within 8 to 9 weeks and offers growers a moderate yield at maturity.

Indica and sativa lovers alike should toke on this popular strain to understand just why it’s so renowned. True OG’s thick, long-lasting high and powerful aroma also make it a winner for lovers of old-school cannabis genetics.

True OG is a pungent and sweet smelling Kush variant that is deserving of its reputation for being one of the smoothest indica hybrids out there. This strain was created on the sunny coast of California, and has since only become more and more popular each year.

True OG is a true blue top-notch strain that has won several awards over the years, and very well-deserved so. This strain is a Southern Californian bells, and has risen to fame in the last years, becoming one of the most wanted indicas available on the market today.

This hybrid was created out of the potently delicious parent strain OG Kush, and is quite possibly one of the main reasons why the word “couchlock” was even invented. True OG has most notably won the 2nd place indica prize in all High Times Medical Cup events since 2010.


True OG can create relatively long lasting effects that are likely to be potent and hit you hard. This strain will mellow you out, allowing you to feel relaxed and soothed, both mentally and physically. This hybrid can uplift you when you need it, and is an ideal afternoon strain you can smoke in order to change your thoughts after a day at work.

This hybrid can keep you in a focused state of mind, with a gentle state of euphoria being a very common occurrence. True OG generally has an average of about 20% in THC levels, which can mean that in higher doses, you are likely to feel heavy and even feel a little sleepy.

True OG is a psychoactive smoke that will make you feel happy and positive, without fail. This hybrid can also help you stay focused and alert, but be warned – this strain is a strong variant, and should be approached gingerly and in small doses if you are not an experienced consumer.


True OG is a sweet smelling citrus flower that will envelop you in a tantalizing cloud of its aroma, causing your mouth to water pre-emptively. This indica hybrid also has the tendency to smell pungent, with the fragrance of sweet pine also being present in most phenotypes.


True OG boasts of a wide array of flavors, most noticeably carrying strong scents of an earthy and pungent characteristic. This strain tastes strong and skunky and can have little hints of spicy and citrus in it, leaving a taste of fresh and sour pine on your tongue upon the exhale.

Adverse reactions

This hybrid is a powerful and body heavy strain, so you can expect some side effects that will come with its other effects. True OG will make you feel slightly parched, with a dry cotton mouth not being an unusual occurrence, usually coupled with dry and itchy eyes.

True OG can in some cases leave you feeling slightly dizzy, due to its strong indica effects that can result in feeling heavy-bodied. This hybrid can also cause a mild headache in some users, and in some rare cases even cause a slight bout of momentary paranoia.


True OG is a fast acting indica that can instantly relieve patients from their bothersome ailments. This soothing hybrid has proven itself to be very effective in treating chronic stress, allowing patients to feel mentally lighter, with a more positive outlook and attitude about their day.

This effective medical strain is known for being a much-recommended way to help insomniacs calm their minds and find a night of restful sleep. True OG ideal for depressive patients for the same reason, as it can help them relieve their mental stress and find a more calm state of mind.

True OG is a favorite among patients who struggle to manage their pain too. This hybrid is very effective in treating a long list of aches, most notably being used for muscle spasms, joint pains and any inflammatory conditions, minimizing the physical pain with the help of a soothed mind.


True OG is easy to trim and cultivate, and is popular among growers, both experienced and novices, for its uncomplicated nature. This strain is relatively low maintenance, and will thrive in any warm and sunny Mediterranean outdoor climate, as well as indoors.

Flowering Time


True OG grown indoors can be expected to yield an average of about 18 ounces of fresh bud per harvest. This strain can take around 8 to 9 weeks to flower and be ready for a generous and hearty harvest.


This hybrid is highly resistant to common molds and diseases, and can flourish in an outdoor setting, yielding around 16 ounces of bud per plant during harvest. True OG can be expected to be ready for plucking around the middle of October.

All About The True OG Strain

In this True OG strain review, we’ll be learning about a popular phenotype of OG Kush developed in Southern California. These “ocean-grown” varieties are what make the OG Kush name, which many cannabis consumers don’t know.

The OG Kush lineage exploded throughout the west coast and phenotypes like True OG and others made this strain shine like no other. Thousands of people prefer the OG heritage over other breeding stock, so you should try True OG, also known as Kobe OG, if you get the chance.

True OG Strain Genetics

Elemental Seeds in California is responsible for bringing True OG to life. As mentioned, it is a phenotype of the legendary OG Kush strain. This indica-dominant cannabis strain is also labeled as Kobe OG in some circles.

OG Kush is known for its unique and definitive essence. It typically delivers a balanced high and has been used to parent hundreds of child-strains, including GSC and Headband.

Phenotypes have been rising in popularity for many years now. Some of the more well-known phenos are Tahoe OG, SFV OG, and Ghost OG. True OG is also a popular phenotype that is yet another product of California cannabis breeding.

Those who want to get their hands on feminized seeds to grow their own crop of Kobe OG will be happy to hear that seeds are readily available from online seed banks.

True OG is reputable enough to produce child-strains of its own. Two of the most interesting child-strains are Gummy Bears and Chocolate OG.

Gummy Bears is also created by Elemental Seeds and features an array of genetics that include Kobe OG, Strawberry Banana, Blackberry, and Big Lemon. Those who want more of a balanced high with a citrus and berry essence that dominates the resinous buds will enjoy Gummy Bears.

THClones brought Chocolate OG to life by crossing True OG and Chocolate Rain. It provides many of Kobe OG’s best qualities while sprinkling in what Chocolate Rain has to offer in this indica-dominant hybrid.

Kobe OG was a mainstay in Cannabis Cups for years in the indica category but never reached the peak. Regardless, those who like what typical indicas have to offer will fall in love with True OG.

True OG Strain Yield

Throw Kobe OG outdoors in a warm Mediterranean climate and it can thrive. Or, put it indoors to thrive as well. It is an easy ganja strain to grow for yourself and doesn’t require much maintenance to produce its best bud.

For such an indica-dominant breed, it does well with growing to an average height. It is also quite resistant to the most common molds and mildews that afflict marijuana crops.

Indoor growers can expect to reap around 1.8 ounces per square foot of plant. Outdoor growers who don’t have to limit their verticality of the crop can expect upwards of 1 lb of True OG from each plant.

True OG Strain Flowering Time

True OG is ready to harvest after its 8-9 week flowering period. For outdoor growers, this should land them somewhere around mid-October.

The buds appear in a short and dense pinecone-like shape. The orange hairs intertwine as they shadow the gleaming trichomes that shimmer in the light. The potency and pungency of this ganja strain can be seen from far away as the trichomes glow to show off the high levels of THC and terpenes.

True OG Strain THC Percentage

You can find a batch of True OG that ranges anywhere from 15-24%. 20-22% is the most common potency level found with True OG weed.

True OG delivers a deep indica experience. The high is long-lasting and hits the mind and the body. The physical effects are quite relaxing and sedating and couch-lock is common if you don’t end up falling asleep first. The potency is apparent but the essence is so enjoyable that many beginners overconsume Kobe OG.

The mental high may send you soaring and delve into deep thought even though your body remains numb. True OG is best-suited for evening use since many smoke sessions will end with your head on your pillow for a good night’s rest.

Flavor & Aroma

Citrus, pine, and a sweet skunky pungency populate the aromatic elements of True OG. The flavor is quite similar but cannabis connoisseurs will notice more of a spicy fuel element on the tastebuds.

The terpenes in abundance in True OG include Myrcene, Limonene, and Caryophyllene.

Myrcene produces a relaxing effect when consumed and is abundant in other strains like Agent Orange, Jillybean, and Purple Urkle.

Limonene alleviates the effects of stress and anxiety and dominates cannabis strains including Berry White, Do-Si-Dos, and Quantum Kush,

Caryophyllene helps reduce the effects of inflammation in the body and is found in popular strains like Original Glue. Bubba Kush, and Candyland.

Medical Conditions This Pot Strain Can Help

Newcomers to medicinal marijuana should use caution when using True OG as too much THC with a low tolerance will turn your dosing into a nap without much effort.

Here are some of the most common conditions that users love Kobe OG for:

  • Chronic Inflammation
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Chronic Pain & Aches
  • Depression
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Headaches & Migraines
  • PTSD
  • Arthritis

Medical marijuana users who want to grow their own crop to control their medicine production as much as possible can easily acquire seeds of True OG. Beginners can also check out our training for growing medical marijuana here at CTU!

Final Words On The True OG Strain

This phenotype of OG Kush has taken on a life of its own and deserves no comparison to the original lineage. True OG has placed in Cannabis Cups over multiple years and still exceeds many expectations put forth by the uber-popular OG heritage.

3 reviews for TRUE OG STRAIN

  1. Loveleesmile420 (verified owner)

    My favorite bedtime strain. This is the only strain that puts me to sleep after a few hits. Bye bye insomnia!!!

  2. Deemartinez1971 (verified owner)

    Just tried True OG. Amazing. It’s the real deal.

  3. Shabizzle (verified owner)

    Some people take Benadryl to go to sleep ,I am myself roll up a nice fat blunt of true OG ,and then it’s night night after that. 😴😴😴😴😴😴😴

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