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Magicalbutter MB2e Machine- Give a person edibles, and you get them high for a day. Teach a person how to make edibles, and you get them high for a lifetime. Assuming they don’t lose their plug, that is. The MagicalButter MB2e is a fully-automatic countertop botanical extractor designed for making recipes that infuse herbs like sage, lavender, or cannabis with butter, oil, grain alcohol, or lotions. Equipped with a versatile immersion blade and a programmable thermostat, the machine can also grind, stir, heat, and steep herbal extracts at precise times and temperatures, yielding extremely high-quality infusions with next-to-no effort.

Once you hunker down you’ll be tossing cannabutter into all of your recipes and you’ll be better off for it. As for cleaning up, you simply give the machine a rinse, fill it up halfway with soapy water and press the clean button. Voila, another chore you can easily accomplish after you’re done with the magic brownies.

Meet The MagicalButter Machine

3 reviews for Magicalbutter MB2e Machine

  1. craid g (verified owner)

    “Enjoy Edibles? THIS IS A MUST HAVE! They make life EASY! Easy Cooking – Easy Filtering – Easy Use – Easy Clean Up! Nothing is Easier! I honestly can’t say enough about it. Add ingredients to machine, push 2 buttons and walk away until the end cook time. You will quickly understand it’s one of your best investments. Highly Recommend At Every Level!”

  2. JOEL (verified owner)

    “I followed the directions and had great success. This machine does exactly what it’s suppose to do and does it very, very well. Easy to use, well made machine, many, many uses with this. Compact, easy to clean and durable. “

  3. Lucas (verified owner)

    “I love this machine! I make edibles for my son and best friend to ease their physical pain and this machine makes it so easy. It is truly set it and forget it. Clean up is easy too. Customer service is great, the recipes booklet is helpful and the shipping is fast.”

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