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Fruit Slabs Edibles Dose: 100mg THC per slab

Fruit Slabs Edibles-  With so many cannabis edibles drawing nostalgic snack food inspiration, consider Fruit Slabs an elevated Fruit Roll-up in that it uses quality organic ingredients and some of those ingredients have delightful psychoactive effects. The OG Mango slabs have a fruit leather consistency with chunks of mango, and are a healthy heady snack option since they’re vegan-friendly and made with no added sugars. At a potent 100mg of THC per slab, just be sure to nibble responsibly before transcending to your tropical paradise (or living room). A special shout out to the almighty stoner food highcons Mike Glazer and Mary Jane Gibson at Weed + Grub for turning me onto the magic of the slab.



I remember Fruit Leathers from Trader Joes when we were kids. We would beg Mom. Now I beg my wife for these instead. These yummy snacks from Roxanne made the top of High Times Best Edibles List for a good reason. They rock the body and the soul. Your mouth will be singing for mangos and your brain for Maui Wowie. Today’s Fruit Slabs Marijuana Edibles Review will have you wanting to try these THC laden leather slabs that burst with mango fruitiness.

The fruit leather slabs were always a special treat for us as kids. One reason was the only Trader Joe’s we knew about was in the beach town where we would vacation each summer. So, getting fruit slabs was a big tradition for us. I still liked to munch on fruit slabs when we got to be teenagers. Butchasing girls and smoking joints was of far greater importance. I don’t do either of those things anymore. I do not chase girls because I have one. And I no longer need to smoke joints because I have discovered edibles.

I almost had a good nostalgic cry when I read about them being brought back and infused with THC. But when I ate them, I did just the opposite. I ate one and my buddy Lefty each ate one. Well, we laughed from about 3 in the afternoon until we went to bed. You simply can not go wrong with yummy, fruity and powerful. Fruit Slabs Edibles

So, what are these medical edibles anyway? Well, they’re all natural, organic and vegan pressed fruit. That’s it. Then they infuse them with cannabis oil, creatively package them for discretion and delivere them to you for your satisfaction and pleasure.

One of the great things about fruit slabs is that they adhere to almost any dietary restrictions. The folks that craft these refreshing gems at Roxanne are leaders in the healthy lifestyle field. You don’t make High Times Best Edibles List by being a run of the mill fruit edible. There are endless fruit candy edibles on the market. Fruit Slabs Edibles

So, if you’re looking for a fresh pick me up, that packs 100 mgs of THC, to point your day in the right direction, trust Roxanne. And trust me. Fruit Slabs live up to the awards they have won.

Tropical Haze Fruit Slabs

Fruit Slabs are a 100MG THC edible that are the closest thing to cannabis infused fruit roll-ups you’re likely to find. They’re strips made from real fruit that are vegan, gluten free and have no sugar added. Each 22 gram package contains ten (10mg) servings of THC and 0% CBD. There are only a few ingredients which is always nice. They are organic mango puree concentrate, organic shelled hemp seeds, tropical punch flavor concentrate, and THC extract. The ingredients say to start slow, with one 10MG square dose. Wait 45-90 minutes and if you want more then try another small dose square. If you regularly consume high dose edibles (like we do) then you’re probably fine eating more. These fruit slabs taste good and they work. I started with 3 squares (30MG of THC) and was feeling it within 25 minutes. It’s nice to have an edible cannabis snack without a lot of sugar or carbohydrates and finding gluten free, vegan edibles can be very challenging so these are a nice option to have. There’s also only 9 calories per serving. Fruit Slabs Edibles

After eating my 3 fruit slab squares I kicked back on the couch to get caught up on the last 2 episodes of Game of Thrones. THC goes well with dragons, sword fights and pirates so it was a good combination. The effects lasted for a couple of hours and made the viewing experience more enjoyable. I’ve still got 7 squares left I might save for the season finale.

Mango Maui Wowie
Product Information

Before the committee gets their hands on the product and formally rates it, the Proper team scrapes the product packaging, scours the internet, and occasionally calls the brand directly to hunt down the most accurate information about each product. Fruit Slabs Edibles

Adult Fruit Leather Fun

I finally tried a fruit leather that forced me to eat my dehydrated fruits and my words.

Were you one of those kids who tore through boxes of Fruit Roll Ups, guzzled entire rolls, and fought back tropical tie-dye slobber? If so, I was likely sitting on the opposite end of the playground silently judging you. Don’t take it personally, I’ve just never been one to salivate over gelatinous slabs of corn syrup and food coloring. That’s just me. Though maybe it’s also a texture thing, because the seedy, organic fruit leathers of Whole Foods and the like don’t really do it for me either. They sort of remind me of what happens to jam left in the fridge for too long, and there aren’t many things that get better with time in the fridge. Just saying.

Recently, though, I tried a fruit leather that forced me to eat my dehydrated fruits and my words. It was Fruit Slabs’ Mango Maui Wowie fruit leather and it was fucking delicious. For the first time in my life, I wanted to tear open the package and stuff the whole leather in my mouth. In this case, however, that would’ve been disastrous because each Fruit Slab contains 100mg of THC.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Maui Wowie, in case you weren’t aware, is a classic sativa strain with fruity notes and energizing, uplifting effects. While I could taste an echo of the herb in the Fruit Slab, it actually complimented the slab’s tropical, mango-coconut flavor combo. In my humble opinion, this is edible crafting at its best. They didn’t diminish the plant by relying on a heavily processed, flavorless distillate; instead, they chose ingredients that worked to highlight the strain itself. Even the little piece that I had was bursting with flavor. According to Fruit Slabs’ website, each Mango Maui Wowie slab contains all-organic mango puree extract, coconut flakes, coconut flavor concentrate, and THC extract. That’s it. They also happen to be vegan, which is good news for anyone who can’t consume the majority of the 1,001 weedy baked goods currently on the market. Fruit Slabs Edibles

That said, the dosing issue is, well, an issue. I cut my slab into eight roughly identical squares and then cut one of those squares in half for an approximate dose of 6mg. To be clear, one whole Fruit Slab is not very big. One is about the size of an iPhone (a regular iPhone, not one that can’t decide whether it wants to be a phone or an iPad). After cutting it down to the right dose for me, I was left with a tiny sliver of fruit leather fitting for a brave mouse—or Matt Damon in Downsizing. If you can handle a whole 12.5mg worth of weed, or one eighth of the slab, then you’re rolling in postage stamp territory. In any case, if you’re not a heavy, medicinal user, just know you’ll have to nibble off a corner of your slab and then restrain yourself from eating more. Because, like I said, it’s fucking delicious. Fruit Slabs The OG Mango

Anyway, I ate my little sliver of the slab and went out for hipster Mexican food with my friend. I had a lingering headache from a cinco de drinko party I attended earlier in the day that’d been populated by 22-year-old trust fund kids. Whether I got the headache from drinking warm Coronas in the sun or listening to a young man manically insist he didn’t use coke to facilitate 4am workouts, we’ll never know. But I was hoping the Fruit Slab would set me straight and help me inhale a squash blossom taco platter.

As it turns out, the high was just right. At an hour in, a soothing body high crept in with a strong side of the munchies. The headache slowly drifted to my mind’s periphery, allowing me to focus on the basket of chips in front of me. I felt relaxed but also upbeat and talkative. Everything—and I mean everything—had a funny quality to it that lent itself to creative thoughts. Whether those thoughts amounted to anything of value to anyone else didn’t matter so much because the experience itself was so damn fun.

Still, it’s tough to say whether this product was perfect for me. While I enjoyed the high immensely, it was somewhat precarious to plan. Because these are gourmet, handcrafted edibles and not factory-assembled tablets, you can’t be 100% certain the cannabis extract has been uniformly mixed throughout the product. After repeat sessions, I definitely noticed the intensity of the high varied from sliver to sliver. On the bright side, one slab could last me a whole month if I didn’t care much about consistency. At $15 per slab, I might make that allowance. Fruit Slabs Edibles

I’d also be interested in trying one of their CBD slabs since my tolerance for the non-psychoactive compound is considerably higher than my tolerance for THC. While I think this product would be perfect for medicinal users, the dosing issue makes it a little dicey for low-dosers like myself. Hopefully, Fruit Slabs will come out with a 10mg version so everyone can comfortably partake in adult fruit leather fun. Fruit Slabs Edibles

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  1. Thomas mix61 (verified owner)

    These fruit slabs taste good and they work. I started with 3 squares (30MG of THC) and was feeling it within 25 minutes. It’s nice to have an edible cannabis snack without a lot of sugar or carbohydrates and finding gluten free, vegan edibles can be very challenging so these are a nice option to have.

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