Blue Mystic strain

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Blue Mystic strain

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Also known as “Fruity-licious” in some circles this indica has an 18% THC content and is a 20% Sativa 80% indica cross breed of Blueberry and Northern Lights. A stony, sweet, fruity, top choice indica hard to match for its flavor.

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Blue Mystic strain  Around the mountains and hills of Oregon and California, a crew of connoisseur cannabis breeders were working on some new strains, which would eventually lay the foundations for the North American marijuana varieties that are around today. The group included a legendary breeder who crossed some Thailand races, Thai hybrids and an Afghan that had been around since the 80s. The result of this selection and breeding through hundreds, even thousands, of seeds would be one of the most famous varieties smoked today, Blueberry. Blue Mystic strain

Californian Genetics

Coming out of that California/Oregon melting pot of genetics we found a wonderful marijuana strain which we developed into a feminized seed to bring Blue Mystic strain. This Indica dominant plant is short-stacked, with little stretching, growing almost like bonsai or broccoli. It can grow just over 1 m tall but we advise growers to either pinch or top the plant to produce more of a bushy plant. Blue Mystic strain

Great for Mediterranean climates

Since it will not grow much vertically, bushing the volume of the plant sideways can give better results for yield. We also recommend a week longer than normal in veg with Blue Mystic , again to maximise the yield. Normally, it will do 55-65 g per plant indoors. On average, that’s about 400-500 g per square metre under a 600w light. Outdoors, it needs the warmth of the Mediterranean or California and does not do well in Northern Europe.

Buy Blue Mystic strain Feminized can be ready for harvest after 8 weeks, giving it a vibrant sweet taste of fresh fruit. If given a little longer (up to 10 weeks), it will lose some flavour but pay you back with a heavier body stoned effect. As always, we recommend drying your plants before manicuring the buds, but it’s especially recommended with Blue Mystic strain to bring about the full flavour of this plant.

Sweet and refreshing

If captured correctly, the flavour of Blue Mystic strain  should be so sweet and refreshing as to give the smoker an actual taste of drinking juice. This intense flavour is equally matched with a super potent Indica stone that leaves users physically locked-down.

Blue Mystic Strain Review

Blue Mystic by Royal Queen Seeds is hailed as a fruity sensation, so we stuck one in the ground to see what she produced. It is safe to say, she lives up to the reputation.

Blue Mystic is as mysterious of a strain as the name would imply. Although its true lineage remain shrouded in mystery, its genetics include the legendary Blueberry and Northern Lights, producing a powerful indica. Born in the mountains of Oregon and California, this indica dominant strain produces an incredibly relaxing high that you will feel all the way down to the tips of your toes.

Blue Mystic feminized seeds from Royal Queen Seeds produce a hefty yield in just over eight weeks. The subtle fruity aroma mixed with a distinct berry flavor make for a satisfyingly sweet smoking experience. Coming in at 80% indica dominant, Blue Mystic takes your body high to the next level. A strain with moderate amounts of CBD, it is frequently turned to for chronic pain and a slew of medicinal uses. Blue Mystic is an excellent addition to your garden and will produce the quality cannabis you expect from Royal Queen Seeds.


Blue Mystic is a truly exquisite and attractive looking plant. Trichome form over noticeably pale green and light blue buds. The buds are heavy and overly dense. You can grow Blue Mystic outdoors and expect to get around 450g per plant. Blue Mystic thrives indoors and can reach weights of up to 425g per square meter of dried cannabis. It doesn’t typically grow upwards but many growers have produced high yields through topping and allowing the plant to bush outward.

Blue Mystic will produce crystalline covered buds in as little as 55 days, however, by allowing it to grow to its fullest potential at around 70 days, you will be rewarded tenfold. Harvesting your plant closer to 70 days will slightly sacrifice some flavor but will produce a more intense THC-laden product. Being a heavy indica, you can expect to see the large signature fan leaves that indicas are known for. The 20% sativa makes the plant slightly more rugged which allows it to thrive in even somewhat undesirable conditions.

You won’t notice a heavy odor flowing from under your grow room door with Blue Mystic. With the Blueberry in its ancestry, you’ll notice a fruity smell coming off your plants. A pleasant and mild aroma, it is sure not to offend your neighboors. Surprising for a strain that produces such dense colas filled with buds all the way down the stem. I cannot emphasize enough how hearty and strong Blue Mystic is during its flowering stage especially late stage. Three or four colas is all you need to get high yields from this overly impressive mid-sized indica.

Blue Mystic should be grown in temperatures between 21 and 27 degrees although this particular strain has been known to do well in temperatures as high as 31 degrees. Never let your room get hotter than that as excessive heat degrades THC. Keep your humidity levels in the standard moisture zone, anywhere from 45 to 55%. Blue Mystic is a flexible plant that will do well in most indoor grow room conditions so you shouldn’t have to fiddle with your set up too much. Overall, Blue Mystic is not a hard strain to grow. Maintaining standard temperature and humidity levels will lead you to shining, dense, blue-green nuggets that its legendary genetics have become known for.


Blueberry, Blueberry, Blueberry… and a little bit of earthiness to seal the deal. Some say its a powerful, fruity taste with a whiff of blueberry pancakes, making this a delectable and savory addition to any weed collection. Blue Mystic is a smooth and sweet smoke, which combined with the relaxing indica characteristics, makes for an overwhelmingly satisfying journey.


Right from the start you feel the intoxicating effects of Blue Mystic overtake you. It doesn’t take long for the effects to plant you firmly on your couch. Being a heavy indica, many are inspired with creativity after partaking. Blue Mystic like other indicas, is great for relaxing the body and allowing the mind to wander. At around 20% THC, this indica is not to be taken lightly. Get ready to go on a journey when smoking Blue Mystic.

It would be hard not to notice the tingling sensation that flows down your body; a result of the mixture of THC and CBD that classic indicas are known for. The medicinal properties of Blue Mystic are obvious as you can feel your body responding almost instantly. The level of THC and CBD together make this a fantastic strain for combating anxiety and insomnia. Blue Mystic will get you high without the anxiety that some consumers report from smoking sativas or hybrid indicas. Close to a true indica, Blue Mystic takes the edge off while simultaneously pushing you over it.


If you are a lover of indicas and classic strains then Blue Mystic from Royal Queen Seeds is right up your alley. If you are looking for a strain that won’t stretch out in your garden but will produce yields as though it had, this is a mighty contender. With such a renown heritage in both Blueberry and Northern Lights, Blue Mystic is an incredibly attractive strain that produces solid yields of deliciously fruity buds. It is easy to grow, even in hotter than usual conditions and will withstand the nuances of any home or indoor garden. If beautiful, dense, fruit flavored buds are what you are looking for, Blue Mystic may just find a home in your garden.


Blue Mystic comes from the very same elite line of super sweet hybrids from which the now World famous Blueberry was derived. Highland Thai, Purple Thai, and Afghan landrace genetics were first crossed in the US during the late 1960’s-mid 1970’. Early hybrids migrated to Europe during the 1980’s. While Blueberry was scooping cannabis cups and prizes across the globe the Blue Mystic was being honed and fine tuned.

The Blue Family could never become a dynasty of dankness without a heavy indica hybrid that grows uniformly. Blue Mystic is the indica-dominant hybrid that filled the void and helped pave the way for today’s Blue dynasty of strains and hybrids. Blue Mystic might be lesser known but she is of the same lineage as Blueberry. Plus she was subjected to no less rigorous selection criteria, albeit with different objectives. Blue Mystic more than fulfils her role as a fast flowering compact gooey indica.

Indoor growers can expect high yields from Blue Mystic, especially with the SOG method. 400-600g/m² depending on experience level. She rarely tops 1m cultivated under artificial light and will be ready for harvest in 8-9 weeks. Cabinet growers take note. Blue Mystic delivers a powerful physical effect that will even send veteran tokers to dreamland. Sweet Blueberry and earthy scents will perfume the grow space and in cooler temperatures, she may even display purple shades.

Outdoors she prefers a warmer climate and will be ready for the chop come Croptober. Production can be impressive if you treat her right and maybe some support for bud laden side branches. In a hot southern climate, ganja farmers can produce in the region of 450g from large bushy 2m plants. Beginner grower or grand master this tasty little strain is well worth a run. Recommended night time smoke.

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    loic455 (verified owner)

    Great indor strain. Good yeaild and an amaizing taste. Would recomend.

    April 13, 2021
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    ogbas234123 (verified owner)

    Best weed I have ever smoked. It was so euphoric!! I was in an beautifull jungle area with an Indian tribe playing flute music that sounded very enchanting. So yes .. it fucked me up very much so haha! Just schoked by it’s amazing properties ! Didn’t thought it would hit me in the way it did. I was paranoid for like 20 min but once that was gone, the best high I have ever ever ever felt wow …. mystic ? It lives up it’s name

    March 12, 2021
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    N. G. (verified owner)

    Germiné 2 y salieron ambas. Crecen rápido, por ahora todo va bien. Llegaron rápido y con su envase discreto. Todo perfecto.

    January 9, 2021
  • Avatar

    C. G. (verified owner)

    Excellente Variété, avec des effets des plus sympa

    November 2, 2020

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