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Aspire Tigon Vape Pen-  Aspire has been a huge name in the vaping industry since the early days, and the Tigon earns a spot on this list of the most popular vaporizer pens for its flexibility as well as always-excellent performance. The Tigon has a tube shape and a single button for operation, giving it the form of a traditional vape pen, but the size and power of the device puts it on par with many mods. It has an in-built 2,600 mAh battery, which is more than enough for vaping with standard e-juice, but the Tigon is also well set up to vape with higher strength nicotine salt e-juice, and for that the battery is genuinely huge.

The Tigon’s flexibility comes from the two distinct coils included with the kit. The first is a 0.4 ohm option, ideal for huge clouds and ordinary e-liquids, but you also get a 1.2 ohm option intended for use with higher-strength and salt nicotine e-liquids. The airflow system on the device also allows you to open it up for direct-to-lung draws (perfect for the sub ohm coil) and close it off for smoking-like mouth to lung draws (ideal for the higher-ohm coil). The tank has a 3.5 ml capacity, which strikes a nice balance so it’s suitable for both types of e-juice. Aspire Tigon Vape Pen

About the Aspire Tigon kit

The Tigon kit is a hybrid MTL/DL kit released from Aspire. It comes with both the Tigon tank and stick-style mod and 2 different coils.

The mod is a 1800(EU) / 2300 mAh internal battery with front fire button and back USB charging port. The indicator light is almost purple coloured when firing with flashes to tell when battery requires charging. Charging time is around 90 minutes-120 minutes depending on battery level.

The Tigon tank is a 2 mil (EU) /3.5 mil capacity tank capable of both MTL and DL vaping. It comes with a choice of 2 drip tips for each style and a 0.4 ohm (DL) and 1.4 ohm (MTL coil. The top fill is found by lifting the top part of the tank up slightly and then pushing back. Inside there is a protective cover over the fill hole to prevent leaking.  On the bottom there is adjustable airflow and a push in coil design, which again is leak proof to allow changing coils any time you prefer when tank is full.

Tigon kit pros

Using the Tigon over the past 2 weeks I have found that the kit is extremely easy to use. That was the obvious aim from Aspire and they have certainly achieved this with changing styles taking less than 60 seconds. Simply changing the drip tip and coil allows you to change how you vape in an instant. The size of the device is extremely small compared to other stick style devices so the overall profile is compact and easy to carry around, with no real weight behind it neither. The fire button has a nice soft click feel to it which is easy to use and the 5 clicks to turn off is very responsive. Coil life is quite good, with both coils lasting over a week each with plenty of use and plenty of life left, with the flavour also a pro being strong and prevalent in both vaping styles. Charging time for this device is another big selling point with the huge battery for the vaping style and quick charge time to get back vaping.  The whole kit feels solid and well made for the price which is another huge pro for the Tigon. The fill mechanism and leak proof design are both welcome features as I have not had any leaking at all whilst using/changing coils and no accidental openings in my pocket again compared to other slide to open designs. Aspire Tigon Vape Pen

Tigon kit cons

The first big observation for the Tigon was that the paint on it isn’t going to last with rugged usage. It can easily scrape off with my own having a scratch mark within 2 weeks, so not the type of paint that will be holding up with a heavy hand approach. The change in battery capacity on region is another con for me as the EU doesn’t dictate the battery life and as a result, there is no real reason to have a smaller battery for European vapers. The leak proof design of the tank can mean changing liquids is quite difficult to do , so be prepared to only change when the liquid level is running low. The kit may be underpowered for many sub ohm vapers and possibly too airy for MTL vapers. I think the style of the kit didn’t factor airflow in overall so it does mean you will be closing the airflow down when using it MTL quite a bit.


The targeted audience for this kit factors in its overall quality in my opinion.  For a vaper such as me, this is a very under-powered kit and it won’t satisfy your cloud making urges. However aimed at someone moving from smoking to vaping, this could well be a very good kit. Offering a lightweight device, with adaptive vaping styles, it can serve to be a perfect entry point into vaping for people.  The MTL style offers good flavour and easy to use design with the DL coil allowing a natural advancement without significantly upping the power. At the right price, this could well again be a quality Aspire product designed to help people stop smoking and start vaping.  Not as restrictive as the Nautilus style , it certainly offers flexibility and performance whilst being extremely easy to use.  If you are looking for an airy MTL style tank or know someone who needs help quitting, this kit is certainly going to be for you. Aspire Tigon Vape Pen


Aspire introduces the Tigon Kit, the improved version of a stick mod kit. The Tigon Kit features a 3.5ml sub-ohm tank with DL and MTL vaping capabilities coupled with a 2600mAh vape pen.

The Tigon Mod is constructed of durable zinc-alloy and features a 2600mAh battery to help keep you vaping all day long. The Mod also features a 3-stage LED light to indicate the battery level, automatic wattage recognition dependent on your coil, and a full suite of safety protections.

The Tigon Tank is made with stainless steel and a 3.5ml quartz glass tank section. The Tigon features a self-sealing top-fill eliquid port with a pull up and slide back safety feature to both limit leaking and accidental spills while not in use. The tank also sports a dual-airflow design to accommodate both MTL and DL vaping styles, threadless coil installation, and two different 510 delrin drip tips.

Each Aspire Tigon Kit comes packed with two coils from the Tigon Coil Series. The pre-installed 0.4 ohm Tigon DTL Coil is best rated for use between 23W to 28W and designed for those looking for a DL vaping experience. The spare 1.2 ohm Tigon MTL Coil is rated for 10W to 12W and more suited for those seeking a MTL vaping experience. Aspire Tigon Vape Pen

Aspire Tigon Kit Includes:

(1) Aspire Tigon Mod

(1) Aspire Tigon Tank

(1) 0.4 ohm Tigon DTL Coil (pre-installed)

(1) 1.2 ohm Tigon MTL Coil

(1) Spare 3.5ml Glass Tank

(1) Spare Drip Tip

(1) Micro USB Cable

(1) Warranty Card

(1) User Manual

Spare Parts

Aspire Tigon Kit Features:

Aspire Tigon Stick Mod:

– Built-in 2600mAh battery

– Zinc-Alloy Construction

– 3-Stage LED battery life indicator

– Single Firing Button

– Bypass Mode

– 10s Automatic Cutoff

– Short-Circuit Protection

– Low Voltage Protection

– Overcharge Protection

– Over Heat Protection

– MicroUSB Port


Aspire Tigon Tank:

– Stainless Steel Construction

– Quartz Glass Tank

– 3.5ml Eliquid Capacity

– Self-Sealing Top-Fill with Pull Up – Slide Back Safety Feature

– Threadless Coil Installation

– Seal-Sealing Wicking Ports for Coil Installation

– Dual-Style Adjustable Airflow (MTL & DL)

– Two 510 Delrin Drip Tips. Aspire Tigon Vape Pen


Aspire Tigon Kit Specifications:

Dimensions: 142mm x 24.5mm x 23mm

Tank Capacity: 3.5ml

Battery Capacity: 2600mAh

Coil Resistance: 0.4 ohms DL / 1.2 ohm MTL

Wattage Output: Direct Voltage Based Output

Max Charge Current: 2A

Recommended VG/PG Ratio: 70/30 VG/PG

Compatible Coils: Aspire Tigon Coils

5 reviews for Aspire Tigon Vape Pen

  1. Jesus G.

    Jesus G.

    Aspire tigon starter kitI
    just want to say how amazing this product is it’s very convenient and awesome for people who want to start vaping or just looking for a nice starter kit to purchase. I’ve bought this product and ever since loved jt. I recommend it

  2. Norma B.

    Totally satisfied with my kit.
    Totally satisfied with my kit.Totally satisfied with my kit. I’ve used several different kinds in the past and decided to go back to the one I liked most. Thanks

  3. Gordon W

    Aspire Tigon Kit
    Had the Aspire Pockex and liked it, but it was time for a newer version. The Tigon has a much bigger capacity and no mess when adding liquid, both are huge advantages. Additionally the battery last longer. Very pleased with the Tigon

  4. Terri K.

    Very happy w product
    Very happy w product

  5. Hannah S.

    Tigon KitI
    love this vape kit! It has everything needed for both beginner and experienced capers. It’s easy to carry around, long-lasting battery , and the flavor stays strong!

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