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Alpine True OG Premium Disposable Vape Pen Indica | Hailing from sunny Southern California. True OG blends a mellow body high with stimulating cerebral effects. | Earthy herbal notes tempered by a citrusy base and a pungent citrus and pine finish. | Relaxing, euphoric, invigorating.

Alpine disposable vapor pen comes pre-charged and pre-loaded with 300 MG of Premium Cannabis Oil, testing at ~80% THC and 90%+ total cannabinoids. The ultimate choice for potent and discreet vaping.

True OG was bred by the team at Northern California’s Elemental Seeds in the mid-2000s. Breeders self-pollinated a high-quality OG Kush strain until they achieved a perfect blend of flavor and effects.

Their efforts paid off — since 2010, True OG won multiple cannabis cup awards, including first place for Best Indica. It was also named one of the top 10 strains of the year by High Times in 2015.


Alpine True OG Premium Disposable Vape Pen high tends to creep up slowly. Sometimes taking as long as 10 minutes to show itself. Initially, smokers may detect growing pressure around the forehead and temples. As they acclimate to this sensation, users are enveloped in a warm wash of euphoria. As any prior stresses or cares melt into the background.

Some trippy effects may also be present, such as changes in-depth perception or a feeling of time passing more slowly. Psychedelically-minded users can intensify these effects with atmospheric music or a moody movie. For those in a more productive mood, True OG provides also considerable stimulation for the mind. Sparking the free association of thoughts and ideas. This mindset makes the strain a great accompaniment for complicated, task-based work.

Alpine True OG Premium Disposable Vape Pen can also be a fun accompaniment to mundane activities like cleaning the house or running errands. As the high wears on or as the dosage is increased, True OG is more and more likely to weigh down the limbs and eyelids in equal measure. At this point, couchlock is a real possibility — and any previous efforts at lucid productivity tend to dissolve. In all, True OG is great for cozying up and kicking back alone at the end of a long, stressful day. Because of its gradually decreasing energy, this strain is recommended for use in the late afternoon or early evening.

Medical Benefits of Alpine True OG Premium Disposable Vape Pen

Alpine True OG Premium Disposable Vape Pen can also have some true utility for medical cannabis patients. Its mood-altering properties can temporarily improve the symptoms of stress, depression, and anxiety. It can also soothe physical pain, whether that pain is temporary, as due to injury, or chronic, as due to conditions like lupus or arthritis. In high enough doses, True OG can lull even insomniacs into a deep and restful sleep. Those who are prone to panic or who have a low THC tolerance should exercise caution when consuming this bud, as its initial mental stimulation has the possibility of leading to paranoia.

Indica and sativa lovers alike should toke on this popular strain to understand just why it’s so renowned. True OG’s thick, long-lasting high and powerful aroma also make it a winner for lovers of old-school cannabis genetics.


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