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Buy Afghan kush online



Strain Name: Afghan Kush

Grade: B

Type: Indica

Looks: Tons of dull orange hairs gives it a orangish brownish tint. Soft green color that is overpowered by the thick hairs.

Smell: It smells like a mango orange farm with a hint of funk to it that is comparable to an old musty basement. Does not have the trademark kush smell, but it does have it’s own unique reak.

Taste: Tastes a lot like the smell. Funky Mango with a hint of a wet earth and musty basement taste. Leaves an aftertaste of skunk. Wish it had more of a mango taste, but still tastes pretty good none the less.

Effects: Night time use. Provides an energetic burst of energy right off the bat. After a few minutes it provides a very relaxed focus feeling. Kept me right on the edge of energetic and couch locked. Great for anxiety and relaxing.

Potency: Medium

Buy Afghan kush online



Buy Afghan kush online

      Afghan kush Strain- Afghan Kush  It smells like a mango orange farm with a hint of funk to it that is comparable to an old musty basement. Does not have the trademark kush smell, but it does have it’s own unique reak.

Taste: Tastes a lot like the smell. Funky Mango with a hint of a wet earth and musty basement taste. Leaves an aftertaste of skunk. Wish it had more of a mango taste, but still tastes pretty good none the less.

Effects: Night time use. Provides an energetic burst of energy right off the bat. After a few minutes it provides a very relaxed focus feeling. Kept me right on the edge of energetic and couch locked. Great for anxiety and relaxing.

Potency: Medium

Afghan Kush is Tons of dull orange hairs gives this indica an orangish/brownish tint. Soft green color that is overpowered by the thick hairs. Afghan Kush smells like a mango orange farm with a hint of funk to it that is comparable to an old musty basement. Does not have the trademark Kush smell, but it does have its own unique odor and it works well for night time use. Provides an energetic burst of energy right off the bat. After a few minutes it provides a very relaxed focus feeling. Keeps you right on the edge of energetic and couch locked. Great for anxiety and relaxing Buy Afghan kush online

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Afghan Kush Strain Review

About this Indica Strain

The cannabis strain Afghan Kush is a powerful indica, exuding an earthy, pine fragrance with a similar taste. Some reviewers have said it exudes a pinesol-like smell, citrusy and herbal. Its known to have massive, condensed buds when ready to harvest, broad leaves, and heavy resin content.

It descends from the indica strain Afghani, its roots being traced back to the Hindu Kush mountain range near the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. It was first bred to create a perfect and potent cannabis strain for producing sticky, black Afghani hash.

Afghan Kush has an average THC content of 13%-14% with a high of 17%. Its high creates extremely powerful effects on the body, causing the consumer to feel lazy and/or sleepy. It’s recommended for nighttime use, being effective in relieving aches and pains while inducing a euphoric sensation. Many reviewers say its hard to move after ingestion, as well as giving them the munchies. Those experiencing insomnia give this strain a high rating for its sedative effects.

Mild cases of dizziness and paranoia have been known to accompany this strain as negative side-effects, but only if consumed improperly. If too much is consumed at once, headaches may occur a few hours after the high wears off.

Amateur growers can easily grow Afghan Kush. Even if an inexperienced grower produces low yields, the potency of the buds will make up for lost accumulation. Afghan kush Strain


Perhaps the most well known, purely indica landrace strain available, Afghan Kush is well worth it. Perfect for helping you fall asleep, or just chilling out to some music, everyone needs to try this strain at least once in their lives.

If there is one location on earth that is most associated with the production and growth of marijuana, it is the Hindu Kush mountain range. With dizzying heights and varying temperatures, most modern marijuana strains can trace their origins back to these mountains.

As the name might imply, the Kush family of marijuana is the closest you can get to the original landrace strains. With potent indica effects and a pungent, noticeable smell, the Kush family is immediately recognizable wherever you go.

Let’s examine the Afghan Kush strain, possibly the most original and authentic to its name version of Kush there is. We’ll find out just what it is used for and what makes it so popular. Afghan kush Strain

What is the Afghan Kush Strain?

The Afghan Kush strain is an incredibly well known, potent indica strain that comes from the Hindu Kush mountain range. Afghan Kush is an excellent example of a landrace strain. This means that it originally grew all on its own in the wild without any human interference. Local people in Uzbekistan and Afghanistan would simply harvest it as they found it.

This means that, instead of endless decades of cultivation and crossbreeding, the Afghan Kush strain developed based on evolution. This results in a really interesting blend of unique characteristics and is one of the reasons why so many people prefer it. It not only produces a specific type of high – usually a super clean one – but also an exciting blend of cannabinoids.

You get plenty of both THC and CBD, resulting in a balanced experience with plenty of medical benefits. The high itself is exceptionally well known and appreciated. It has perhaps one of the most typical indica highs among all strains of weed available.


From the moment you first inhale it, the high will seep into your body exceptionally quickly. It feels like a significant rush of sensations, pouring through your very bones and instantly calming and soothing you.

Instead of the mental rush that most hybrid or sativa strains offer up, Afghan Kush is felt almost entirely within the body. You will feel like you need to find a comfortable, convenient surface to collapse onto immediately. Afghan kush Strain

It isn’t so much as to feel overpowering, but after a while, it can feel rather too tiring to blink, and you might go a bit delirious.

As happens a lot with potent indicas, towards the end of the high, you will notice an intense lethargy. Your eyes will be weighty, your bones slightly tired, and you will feel like you desperately need to lie down.

The best thing to do is not to fight it and head to bed. Simply get to bed, wrap yourself up warm, and enjoy the high. As long as you don’t mind falling asleep a bit earlier than intended, this is an excellent strain for any occasion.

However, what about its actual flavor profile? Does its unique landrace growing history produce a pleasant taste?


As is the case with pretty much every single strain from the Hindu Kush mountain range, the primary aroma of the Afghan Kush strain is one of hash.

Dense, powdery, and just a little bit spicy, this strain smells like walking into a familiar and friendly hash pipe shop in the Middle East or West India.

There is sweetness there, but the overwhelming characteristic of the aroma is one of dankness and pleasant hash.

What about its actual taste? Does the flavor differ from its aroma?


The overwhelming quality of the taste of the Afghan Kush smoke is one of sweet hash. It is pretty similar to its aroma, though, with a few key differences that help set it apart.

Instead of the intense spiciness that you’d expect after walking nearby any Afghan Kush bud, the leading quality is one of dank hash. As soon as it hits your tongue, you feel almost overpowered by the taste of hashish.

In a way, Afghan Kush tastes like a real marijuana experience – that quintessential flavor quality that makes smoking marijuana what it is.

What about how it looks, though? Does the Afghan Kush strain have an interesting appearance?


When trying to describe the qualities of something, calling somethingtypical” can feel like a bit of an insult. However, when it comes to the Afghan Kush strain, that is simply the best word for it. Afghan Kush is an incredibly typical, ordinary-looking strain. Afghan kush Strain

It has a decently attractive coloration, but one that makes you think of almost every other marijuana strain in existence.

It also possesses a unique blend of potent pistils and pleasantly strong resin, giving the whole thing a bit of a shiny appearance. However, that isn’t really enough to make it something special based on appearance alone.

No, when it comes to the Afghan Kush strain, you need to taste it and experience it before you judge it by its cover. By far, the best way to do that would be to grow some yourself. So what kind of specialized knowledge do you need to know to grow your own Afghan Kush?

Afghan Kush Strain Grow Info

Afghan Kush is a strain that benefits from growing from a clone, instead of the usual seed process. However, this doesn’t mean it is impossible to cultivate it from a seed.

As a typical mountain landrace strain, Afghan Kush is excellent at growing even in adverse conditions. However, getting a clone is a great way to ensure you can skip having to care for it during sprouting.

With a vigorous growing speed, you can expect to not have any kind of difficulty growing Afghan Kush for yourself. However, there are always things you can do to help improve and increase your final yield.

For starters, make sure to give it a high quantity of quality nitrogen fertilizer, as it does tend to burn through typical nitrogen reserves. Furthermore, you can also practice some standard trimming and specific growing methods to increase yield.  Afghan kush Strain

The best thing to do is to snip off the very tip of the growth of your Afghan Kush. This encourages more lateral, bud-producing growth, giving you a much heavier yield when it comes to harvest time.

You can also remove the leaves that sprout under the majority of the plant growth. This is important because otherwise, these leaves would be sitting there, sapping up the vital energy the plant needs.

Removing these leaves means that the Afghan Kush plant can give more of its energy towards growing laterally and producing great bud.

Once harvested, get your Afghan Kush bud into the dryer as soon as you can, as this helps to ensure that the plants develop the necessary color they need to remain beautiful.

What about its cannabinoid content? Once your Afghan Kush bud is all dried and ready, what kind of final results can you expect when it comes to cannabinoid content?

THC Content – Highest Test

Like most strains that can be described as a landrace, Afghan Kush has a typically high THC concentration. This makes sense, considering it possesses a pretty potent sensation. After all, you can’t really get powerful effects without a powerfully high level of THC.

Most samples of Afghan Kush cannabis have about 20% to 21% of THC, which is among the highest levels of THC found in most marijuana.

What about CBD content?

CBD Content – Highest Test

The CBD content of the Afghan Kush strain is actually quite surprising. Most of the time, when you get a powerful strain with lots of THC, there isn’t really any CBD to speak of. This happens because most strains are slowly and carefully bred through generations to contain the right level of THC. To get this, most of the time, the CBD content is almost completely bred out. Afghan kush Strain

However, Afghan Kush comes from a landrace strain, which means that it originally developed without human intervention. The CBD was not bred out, giving it plenty of cannabidiol and other cannabinoids.

With about 5% to 6% CBD content in any particular sample of Afghan Kush, you have plenty of the necessary CBD to give you pleasant medical benefits.

So what are the medical benefits of the Afghan Kush strain?

Medical Benefits of the Afghan Kush Strain

Afghan Kush acts as a pretty typical example of an indica strain. This means that it has what could be described as characteristic effects on the body, and thus the usual medical benefits.

For starters, the most obvious and well used medical benefit of the Afghan Kush strain is in treating insomnia. There are few strains that produce such a potent sleep effect as the Afghan Kush strain.

Though it doesn’t instantly cause you to pass out, it is perfect for taking a couple of hours before bedtime, as it will gradually lull you into a gentle sleep.

Beyond getting to sleep, Afghan Kush is excellent for helping to relieve stress and other negative consequences of mental disorders. Though most people tend to prefer sativas for treating psychological issues, the value of this potent indica cannot be overstated. Afghan kush Strain

It is difficult to feel stressed or depressed when enjoying these effects, so take Afghan Kush when feeling intense anxiety or other unwanted emotions.

Some people also enjoy using Afghan Kush to treat painful conditions, as it can be great to relieve the feeling of pain no matter what you are dealing with.

Just keep in mind that, whatever reason or condition you are using Afghan Kush to treat, it is going to induce that sleepiness regardless. The intoxicating drowsiness that this strain creates is inescapable. No matter what dosage you choose to use, you are going to feel incredibly tired.

But what about adverse effects? Is there any kind of severe side effects of taking the Afghan Kush strain?

Possible Side Effects of the Afghan Kush Strain

The significant thing about the side effects of the Afghan Kush strain is that, while it does have a high dose of THC, it also possesses the right balance of other cannabinoids.

Though not always the case, many marijuana side effects come about due to a lack of balancing cannabinoids. The 6% CBD and not insignificant amounts of CBN and other cannabinoids mean that you won’t notice anywhere near the level of adverse effects.  Afghan kush Strain

However, there are still always going to a few things to note. To begin with, you can expect both dry eyes and dry mouth to a decent extent, so make sure you keep a glass of water on hand to quickly deal with this.

Furthermore, the higher level of THC when compared to other strains, can tend to invoke dizziness. This only really happens in those without a great deal of marijuana experience, though. It can also happen if you try and smoke too much at once, so make sure you pace yourself so you can really enjoy it.

A small percentage of people report headaches as a result of smoking Afghan Kush, but once again, this only really happens after smoking too much of it.

As long as you pace yourself, you are likely going to be okay. Just maybe avoid this strain if you tend to get feelings of paranoia; the higher levels of THC don’t react well with that, inducing further paranoia.

Final Thoughts on the Afghan Kush Strain

When it comes to historic, culturally significant strains, Afghan Kush is up there with some of the best. Just like with other strains of this caliber, if you pass up the chance to try it out when offered, you are missing out on one of the great experiences of the culture. Afghan kush Strain

Marijuana has a history, an origin, and a specific timeline; this strain exists on that timeline as a precursor to thousands of other strains. Not just that, but it is a testament to what nature can create when left to its own devices.

Without the endless growing and cross breeding, nature managed to make this potent, enjoyable indica all on its own. Just because of that, it is worthwhile to give it a try.


Afghan Kush is an indica cannabis variety originating from the famous Hindu Kush mountain range that spans along the Afghan-Pakistan border. It is renowned for embodying the best of the indica world; big, heavy yields of resinous buds that produce that iconic body stone many users love. Afghan kush Strain

First brought on to the market by Dutch seedbanks, this strain is an indica-lovers dream. Afghan Kush produces an iconic “indica stone” characterized by deep sedation and strong physical relaxation, making it a perfect strain for anybody looking to wind down after a long, hard day. Due to it’s strong physical effects, this is not a great strain for anyone looking to stay productive; Afghan Kush is known for making people happy, lazy, and very, very hungry. The average THC concentration for this is strain is about 17%.

Afghan Kush’s strong physical effects give it an obvious appeal for medical users. Anyone looking for fast, effective relief from pain should give this strain a try. Patients suffering from insomnia or other sleep-related issues also generally turn to this strain, as do users who just want to curb a bit of stress.

Afghan Kush boasts unique aromatic and flavour profiles. Flavors and aromas in this strain are noticeably woody and earthy, combined with subtle spicy, almost herbal undertones. Some users relate this taste to hash, which is understandable, seeing that Afghan Kush has a long tradition for being used in making traditional Black Afghan and Charas hash varieties. Afghan kush Strain

Like the effects, the grow traits of this plant are distinctly indica. Think medium-sized bushy plants with short internodal spacing and broad dark green leaves. These plants are known to do a lot of growing during their vegetative phases, eventually developing into thick bushes. Afghan Kush, like other indica varieties, is renowned for it’s big yields, which can easily top 550g/m2 in an indoor environment.

The buds from this strain are extremely resinous, thanks to a generous coating of frosty trichomes. They usually have a dark green appearance and have slight orange hues thanks to a large amount of pistils.


5 reviews for Afghan kush Strain

  1. girlslocker123 (verified owner)

    Great for insomnia. I sleep all through the night. Good indica!

  2. GanjaMan69Qc (verified owner)

    Very good and the taste is awsome ! Perfect before de bed 😁 Close to hindu kush but surely one of the best indica

  3. JordanM1087 (verified owner)

    Afghan kush is a HEAVY hitting India for sure! Grade A folks! 😉😍 GREAT stuff,… grab some ppl!

  4. Rijaphillip (verified owner)

    100% Indica, very potent ,long lasting affects, grape-like flavor,very narcotic affect immediately

  5. trulukkyphrank (verified owner)

    great taste, great effect

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